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mudhu sudan mishra

Madhu Sudan Mishra(Sattler)


Kartavyam was established in 2001 and registered on 1st May 2015. It was a mere dream of a person who believed and promoted giving it back to society. Madhu Sudan Mishra, the founder of Kartavyam, made his dream project into reality by starting this NGO and initiated food and clothing drives. He always wanted to help people on a large scale; hence he came up with his big project of setting up a School named "संस्कार विद्यापीठ"  in U.P. This school was built in memory of his late father R.C.Mishra  to provide free education to underprivileged kids. Besides this, Kartavyam has also done multiple drives for animal welfare. 
After 19 years of serving society, Mr. Mishra is willing to promote the Rule of Law and protect it at the same time. Sadly, our community has completely forgotten the need and the importance of the Rule of Law. Therefore, Kartavyam promises to help society by spreading awareness about social issues which are still prominent in our country by standing up and becoming the voice for the voiceless.

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