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CAREER COUNSELLING: Get a chance to interact with our team and get career counselling.  Career counselling can help you come out of any professional dilemma or help you find a purpose in aimless times. This will also enhance your personality and improve your soft skills.

WEBINARS AND CONFERENCES: Attend all our monthly webinars and conferences free of cost. The guest speakers are from our honourable Advisory board. Get the opportunity to get awareness and education about relevant current affairs and legal issues.

WORKSHOPS: Attend all our workshops free of cost. Get the opportunity to be equipped with important skills through frequent workshops. Get better in your professional field or get personality development by learning new things. You can learn to make your life better professionally, personally, physically or mentally.

MAGAZINE AND NEWSLETTERS: All the members will be provided with E-Magazines and Newsletters containing articles and blogs on all the necessary information and details about Kartavyam and global/national issues.

MEMBERSHIP AMOUNT USAGE: All the membership fees will be used for welfare of the society.Kartavyam believes to work on the Noble cause of upliftment of the society. Kartavyam will be conducting various drives and campaigns from the funds received from you.

FREE PARTICIPATION IN COMPETITIONS: All the members can enjoy free participation in every competition held by Kartavyam and can attend the webinar organized by us.

PLATFORM FOR PUBLICATIONS: All the members will get a platform to publish their articles, publicise their social welfare campaigns, drives and other initiatives for social welfare.

PARTICIPATION IN DONATION DRIVES: All the members can participate in donation drives organised by Kartavyam in their local areas. Bring a change in your society by being a part of our frequent initiatives.

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