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That the allotment of cases and the roles of Advocates will be decided at the discretion of the Management Committee. That all the briefings should be submitted to our Advisory and Management Committee before proceeding with the case. A form where all details related to the case will be provided for proceeding further with the case.


That a rule book will be shared that need in which all the rules and regulation has to be followed on a timely basis while taking up the matters. That no Advocate without the prior permission or approval of the Management Committee shall take forward proceedings before any Tribunal or Court. That all the time during the proceeding of the case Advocate needs to inform about all the information of the proceedings before and after the appearance of the case to the committee via mail or telephonic. That no funds will be taken by the client during the case proceedings without any permission of the committee and advisory members.


If found the removal of the advocates from the panel with other actions as well by the Management Committee. All members shall enjoy such rights and privileges as decided by the Trust Core Committee from time to time in the Legal Aid Clinics To take necessary steps for the implementation of all the Programmes and policies drawn by the Management Committee.


To take all such legal steps as may appear beneficial for the smooth and better management of the organization.


The core committee shall have the right to decide about new admissions, termination of Advocates, and expulsions.


The members shall ensure that funds dedicated to KARTAVYAM are transferred 100% to KARTAVYAM.


The term is of minimum 3 months and can be renewed as per your interest. The term will count from the date of signing (acceptance) of this position. Your appointment may be terminated by either you or the Kartavyam at any time, by giving one calendar months’ written notice.


The Kartavyam may terminate the appointment with immediate effect in the event that you are in breach of any of the provisions of this letter or if your conduct brings yourself or the Kartavyam into disrepute.


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