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We live in a heterogeneous society which is a composition of individuals and communities, that thrive together to achieve peace and social harmony. In India, there are millions who are struggling to meet their basic needs, have proper access to healthcare, education and a clean & green environment. Human activities have further led to violation of Rights, climate change and other major problems which often become a source of conflicting opinion due to lack of awareness. People often forget that, one of the most important things is to have compassion for one another.

Since its inception, Kartavyam volunteers has been working towards tackling these issues. Coming from different walks of life, they have made inevitable contribution to this cause through their persistent efforts. These individuals understand the need to get involved and create a lasting impact on people in need. Kartavyam offers a diverse range of volunteering opportunities, including animal welfare. Volunteering for a cause has proven to be a transformational journey for many. Our annual newsletter brings you the inspirational stories of Kartavyam volunteers and their heroic deeds.

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Internship Programme 

At KARTAVYAM, we are looking for interns who will bring energy, enthusiasm and creativity coupled with ambition and sincerity into our organization. We welcome people who bring clarity to complex situations and are committed to nothing less than excellence. While students learn the theoretical part of the field in their college, what is necessary to make them fit for the real world is a professional environment where they can learn the practical aspect of it. The Internship Programme at Kartavyam aims to help these young minds in honing their skills along with imbibing a feeling of social welfare within them. Our only expectations from the interns are good communication skills, willingness to work hard, able to work in a team and interpersonal skills. We have various Internship Programs depending upon your area of interest:

  1. Research & Writing
  2. Graphic Designer
  3. Campus Ambassador (Be a face of Kartavyam in your School, College/University)
  4. Social Media Internship

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KARTAVYAM has been launching and organising various campaigns aimed at breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and working towards development in the areas of public health, education, women empowerment, community development and social welfare. With our team and volunteers we have been able to launch various campaigns:

Corporate Partnerships

Corporate partnership is a mutually beneficial relationship formed between a nonprofit or charitable organization and for-profit businesses whose purpose is to pursue a common goal based on the shared values of participating organizations.Kartavyam is a voluntary association in India and is registered as a non-profit organization that aims to make India ready for challenges of the 21st century. We at KARTAVYAM stands to adopt a strategic and step by step approach to raise the socio economic status of the poor of the society and animal welfare. It is a pro bono program that believes in promoting and protecting the rule of law. We stand for creating an sustainable change The interns learn new skills, repurpose their existing ones, and gain exposure to a huge network of advocates and professionals, making it easier for them to find job opportunities once the fellowship ends. Our approach is to get to the root cause of the issues, find solutions to these and ensure that the change we bring is permanent.


Sponsorship at the Kartavyam provides a unique opportunity for all the organisation as we believe in moving toward as a team and have a unique platform where your support will be a new step for the upliftment of the society Kartavyam till date has successfully completed various events and programmes pertaining to women and child welfare and is moving towards with a enthusiastic force to cover other various platforms for the upliftment of the society.

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