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Social welfare is a systematic effort from society for society to establish order and ultimately attain social excellence. Public and Private organizations enforce social order welfare to help correct social dysfunctionalities and crime. The existence of a legal system is the quintessence of a human individual's harmonious living. Welfare and well-being are the primary ends of society's subsistence and universal metamorphosis.


Ultimately, Social Welfare is the practice to remove social disparities against children, women, and the impoverished in specific and the public in general.



Poverty is a physical attribute to social dysfunction, frequenting in third-world nations and audacious human demands are discrimination towards poverty. While the earth was created equal for everyone, some individuals enjoy the 'wants' of life the others can't. Primarily the history of colonization in third-world nations manifests atrocious human rights violations and forced a poverty-stricken society. Which still had all the emotional and physical consequences of the atrocities ahead of them.

In principle, a classless society could advance, but the colossal disparity created in the living standards is menacing. Resultantly some individuals would consume the best of what the mother earth has to offer.


In contrast, others could hardly find food to eat and water to drink. The children are the most essential, impressionable, and explosive(gullible) elements of universal animal life.

While the quantity of the population increases, the quality rots, and poverty roots in. Children are the epitome of human social order and peaceful existence. Some young children's impressionable minds are exploited by sinister social elements like child sexual abuse, child labor, illegitimate foeticide, and disingenuity. Providing optimum protection and discipline to create intellectuals and not rogue individuals is essential because even households can exhibit unfair circumstances that impede physical and mental development. Women are another abused element of society, especially women in poverty.


There are infinite types of crimes against women still; women's objectification and reduction to an object of desire lie at the bed of all problems. It is the primal animal nature to dominate the physically weak, and this social misconduct manifests in the quality of the orthodox youth the country produces. Education plays a key role in impoverished societies, but it has a predominant significance for women according to the Indian adage 'if you educate an individual, you are only educating one individual, but if you educate a woman, you educate her entire family. Women's status has always been challenged, but the novel feminism is rooted in all societies globally, and the war against injustice has been in place forever.


The universal emancipation of slavery, international peace treaties, and the abolishment of social evils like untouchability, Sati Pratha, child marriage, unwanted foeticide, and others is social welfare. India emanates discipline through versatile social welfare legislations like The Child Marriage Restraint Act, Posco, Right to Information Act, Industrial Disputes Act, The Minimum Wages Act, Workman's Compensation Act, Corporate Social responsibility, and reservations for the socially challenged. The constitutionality of rights and privileges for children, women, and other individuals displays society's solidarity. The government assigns substantial budgets for welfare activities.


Even private organizations globally raise funds for such activities. Organizations like Kartavyam help develop a sense of harmony in the social disorder and resonate with social welfare.

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