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Every Action has an equal and opposite reaction” and we all know that now; but since it was Sir Newton who came up with it, we seldom think about the application of the third law of motion in daily life, in the society around us or our personal lives. Oddly enough, Newton’s Third Law of Motion is not only about physics, it shares quite a surprising coincidence with Karma and few other important aspects of life. In our daily journey towards development, new inventions, new technologies, and all of that, equal and opposite reactions are taking place in our nature, harming our environment.


Since the Industrial Revolution, or even from the point of time where humankind started clearing forests and settling down, the natural balance had started to get imbalanced.

So, with every step forward towards development, we have been taking two steps back, because how would anything matter if we end up not having this planet to live in?


How would anything matter if the earth is no more habitable?


One reason why we do not give adequate attention to this problem is that for most of the initial “opposite reactions” we have found alternatives or “fix-ups”. When the water from our natural resources became unfit for human consumption, we got water purifiers, when global warming made it way too hot for us to sleep during a summer night, we got air conditioners; but where are we going to with this “mechanism” of ours?


When one fine day, we wake up and realize that we cannot breathe the air around us, we need to buy cylinders of oxygen to maintain mere existence, will we realize our mistakes at least then?

Do we have to wait until it's too late?


Realizing this aspect of our lives on earth, Kartavyam understands the importance that plantations have in our lives. It's not just the saplings planted on June 5th that matters, but it is the saplings we water and nourish every day for years, that matter. Planting a tree is not merely an activity on world environment day for Kartavyam. We, at Kartavyam Plant trees for life, not for a day.

The journey towards development cannot be stopped, it can only be controlled although controlling development is not an option. So, what we can do is, “clean up the mess we make''.


While the inevitable clouds of smog from our vehicles and other big factories fill the air we breathe, let us make our army of trees stronger with KARTAVYAM so that when the WAR between POLLUTION & HUMANKIND starts, we will have an ARMY OF TREES who will fight for us.  

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