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Sex Workers

Sex Workers Are The One Who Are Paid To Provide Sexual Services. In India More Than 800,000 Women Are Indulged In This Service.But Sometimes Or i Should Say Most Of The Times These Poor Souls Need To Suffer From Lots Of Violations And Barbaric Acts. Lots Of Indian Gems Have Lost Their Shine After Getting Into This Dark Acid Of Sex Industry. In India Brothel Keeping Is Illegal.   Generally, Sexual Services Are Done In The Form Of Normal Prostitution Or In The Form Of Pornography.

Issues They Face


1.Rejection In Society


Prostitutes Are Treated Inhumanly In Our Society. People Misbehave With Them. They Face So Many Crimes. They Don’t Get Respectful Treatment. People In The Indian Society Believe That Prostitution Is a Taboo And Promoting Prostitution Will Harm Their Cultural Integrity.


2. Lack Of Facilities


They Can’t Get Good Medical Aid In Hospitals Easily Because It Can Reveal Their True Identity And Make People Know That They Are Indulged In Illegal Work.The Crime Rate With Them Is Also High.They Can Easily Get Raped Because Filing The Case Will Reveal Their Work.


3. Have To Face Violations


In Order To Create Fear In Their Mind They Are Beaten Frequently. Most Of The Times a Major Part Of Their Earning Is Taken By Pimps. Sometimes They Have To Live Under House Arrest. Brothel Owners Try To Prevent Their Escape. Some Barbaric Customers Beat Them And Harm Them They Try To Eat Them And Destroy Them Physically In Every Possible Way. And Because Prostitution Is Not Legal, Sometimes Police Also Take Advantage Of Them. They Also Abuse Them Physically.


4. Children Of Prostitutes:


Most Of The Times Children Of Prostitutes Also End Up In Prostitution And This Becomes a Never Ending Thing.They Have No Option To Switch Their Livelihood. There Is No Safe Place Where These Children Can Go. They Are Treated Badly In Our Society. People Judge Them On The Basis Of Their Family’s Profession.


5. Have Diseases


Many Male Customers Force Them To Not Use Condoms Which Turns Out To Be The Major Cause Of Their Health Issue. Most Of Them Are Hiv Affected. They Are Suffering From Many Types Of Diseases Due To Unsafe Sex. They Also Don’t Have Enough Money To Buy Sanitary Pads Every Month, So They Use Normal Newspapers Or Something Which May Cause Many Types Of Diseases In Their Uterus. They Don’t Have Access To Good Medical Facilities.


6. Selling Girls


Most Of The Times People Also Sell Girls For Prostitution. Girls Get Ditched By Their Boyfriends Or Any Pimp And End Up Accepting Their Life As Prostitutes. They Are Treated Badly If They Refuse To Do This Work. They Are Not Allowed To Go Out Or Run Away.


How can we help Them?


Interact With Respect

They Are Also Human Beings We Have No Right To Judge Anybody. We Never Know How Much They Suffer We Never Know Which Battle They Are Fighting, Then Who Are We To Judge And Disrespect Somebody? We Need To Accept Their Children As a Part Of Our Society We Need To Uplift Their Class And Stop Criticizing Them For Their Work. Instead Of This We Need To Have a Soft Corner In Our Hearts For Them. And We Should Know Their Pain That With How Much Burden They Re Going Through.

Can Make Prostitution Leagal

Highest Level Of Violence Is Faced By Them. They Are The Favourite Prey Of Criminals. Because Prostitution Is Not Leagal That’s Why They Have To Face More Crimes. They Get Raped, Get Robbed, Get Sold, Get Misused. They Themselves Are Indulged In Illegal Work And Hence They Can’t Even Go To File a Complain.

They Also Don’t Get Good Treatments In Hospital, They Suffer From Lack Of Medical Facilities.Making Prostitution Legal Can Save Their Lives.

Legalising Prostitution Will Also Reduce The Rape Cases Happening In Our Country. More Prostitutes Will Result In Less Cost Of Having Sex. So Automatically Molesters Or Rapists Will Stop Seeing Other Women As a Source Of Fun.Legalising Prostiution Will Result In Their Better Medical Treatment And Finally Those Who Save Other Females From These Barbarians, Can Themselves Be Safe Too.

Donation Drives

As Already Mentioned Above They Are Sometimes Forced To Not Use Condoms And They Don’t Have Enough Money To Buy Sanitary Pads Every Month, Which Causes Huge Health Issue.

 So For Them We Can Do Sanitary Pad, Condoms And Clothes Donation Drives.We Can Inform Them About Having Safe Sex. We Can Admit Their Children In Our Schools. We Can Donate Them Some Money And Can Listen Their Issues And Can Help Them Filing Their Case.

The Sex Workers Campaign  was organised by kartavyam and achieved a great success.As a part of donations , Hygiene kits were distributed.It was a one week programme which also included personality development sessions.

Fund Raise

As a Member Of An Ngo, It Is Our Responsibility To Arrange Funds For The Welfare Of Society. And If You Consider Yourself As The Responsible Citizen Of Our Country And Want To Do For The Society Where You Live In, Then Contribute In This Charity Work And Help Us To Make People’s Life Better. Let’s Uplift Our Country Together.For Donations Consider The Information Given Below.

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