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It is believed that God helps those who help themselves and to an extent, it is far more viable for any of us to provide help and support to someone or something that by themselves are struggling or at least trying to help themselves.

With a current population density of about 382 persons per square kilometer and a steadily increasing population of over 136.64 crores (2019), India is a country that certainly cannot expect its people to have an adequate number of employment opportunities. In an increasingly busy and highly populated country like ours, Self employment is one of the very first answers to UNEMPLOYMENT.


While self-employment may mean a start-up business, like a takeaway counter or a shop or a service provider business for the privileged class among us, it might not mean the same for the less privileged among us.

For the less privileged, who does not have the educational background or possibilities to apply for or obtain a loan, or even know about government-provided opportunities like the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna, STREET VENDING is the only viable option.

By selling products that satisfy our daily needs, like fresh vegetables, fruits, etc, and other essentials and also by providing essential services like shoe mending, umbrella repairing, etc, Most Street Vendors work hard on a daily basis to make ends meet and keep a family alive.


Besides not having employment security, assurance of daily income, and even a permanent place of occupation, these hard workers are sometimes exploited by the local government authorities, local police, and even customers who would spend more time bargaining and haggling than trying to understand the plight of these underprivileged self-employed entrepreneurs. The kind of struggle faced by Street Vendors is so real to an extent that even their total investments can one day be suddenly confiscated and taken away by the authorities and all their efforts would just vanish into thin air.


While even affording daily expenses on raw materials is hard, it is certainly close to impossible for a street vendor to obtain assistance for getting their belongings released from the authorities or to obtain help to avail a loan to enrich or enhance their business. At Kartavyam with Trust, we see Street Vending not any less than a start-up business and any Street Vendor in themselves is an entrepreneur. While conducting numerous activities and Campaigns to empower Street Vendors, Kartavyam with Trust urges you to add to our efforts towards the upliftment of Street Vendors and helping them in the journey towards a NATION FREE FROM UNEMPLOYMENT.


Even small steps from your part like choosing to regularly purchase from a street vendor and not haggling or bargaining a lot with Street Vendors can go a long way in helping them. After all, we never see ourselves bargaining when we shop from a branded store in a shopping mall, how hard can it be to stop exploiting independent street vendors who solely depend on such small income for daily sustenance.



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